Starstruck Awenydd

Musings of a queer trans dedicant of Gwyn ap Nudd.

  • Another Story
    He asked me, “Would it help if we were mermaids? I know you don’t connect to ancient Crete– But with California’s deserts and the misty hills of Wales With this your garden’s closer to complete. Come sit down below the tree That grew the name you give to Me! (I’m not here to bring a chainsaw Like that church’s hungry maw.) Like Arlael, these will bloom All sweet and spooky in the gloom!– And we’ll be mermaids, by the seashoreContinue reading “Another Story”
  • Lord of My Dance
    Lord of My Dance I told the King, “Don’t tell me You’re not Madoka! You’re Hope that just won’t die inside my soul! And on Walpurgisnacht I call You Aniki1 A miracle well worth the wishing toll! Just dance!– I gave my vows on Halloween I gave one life– One life You give, to Live this night.” Just dance! And all through Time, I’m not alone! There’s someone dancing with us, singing Soul’s Delight! I might be first to singContinue reading “Lord of My Dance”
  • A New Season
    I wanted to squeeze in one more post before Nos Galan Mai / Calan Mai this weekend. I’ve been pretty busy, not only with preparations for doing the opening devotions of Land Sea Sky Travel’s upcoming conference on devotion (I have a link to it in my previous post), but also with personal spiritual matters. Particularly, I’ve been making preparations for the night of Nos Galan Mai (April 30), in which I’m entering a new phase of my journey withContinue reading “A New Season”
  • LSST’s Devotion Conference
    Today I want to let you know of a conference that Land Sea Sky Travel is holding on May 1st, called “Devotion: Our Gods and Their People.” My understanding is that it grew out of a desire to include godspouses/spirit partners, but that the presenters will be discussing all types of devotional relationships. I’m honored to be doing the opening devotions (for several Gods this time). Information about this conference may be found on LSST’s website HERE, or on TeachableContinue reading “LSST’s Devotion Conference”
  • A Quick Recommendation
    I wanted to direct your attention to a wonderful post on spirit marriage (HERE) by Order In The Quartz at their blog, Mystic Bridge: Devotional Polytheism in 2020 and Onwards. I related to a lot of what they wrote, and maybe you will too.

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