Starstruck Awenydd

Musings of a queer trans dedicant of Gwyn ap Nudd.

  • A Life Update
    I meant to post this yesterday, but it got too long. Anyway, I’d like to share some about how my life is going, for those interested. Certain things are slowly getting better, while other things remain extremely difficult. I find it easier to express the difficult things in song, so I’ll focus mostly on the positive in this prose piece. For example: –My divorce is moving forward, albeit slowly. And I have people who can help me with that, alongContinue reading “A Life Update”
  • Singing of Arlael
    For now, I’ve finished going through my old notebooks and archiving what I want to keep. It felt so freeing every time I let a notebook or scrap of paper fall into the recycling bins outside. While doing so, I pictured the bins as a peat bog, into which I was casting my sacrifices to the Otherworld! That image helped when Gwyn asked me not to make digital copies of certain things before tossing them, like journal entries about myContinue reading “Singing of Arlael”
  • Lullaby for an Un/Reborn World
    There’s a butterfly dreaming in my cauldron There’s a dreamscape waiting on the Moon The moon where Valyat’s mountains gleam with dust of silver dreams May the dark-winged maid awaken soon! Her name’s Arlael, and she’s full of fairytales And they tasted of awen, motes that float in outer space Where my Valyat came and got me with a world Her name is Taralyn, all sweet with gothy grace He’s the silver-haired cornerstone of Faerie And if His heart breaks,Continue reading “Lullaby for an Un/Reborn World”
  • Love Song to the Other
    (Contains imagery relating to sex and fertility) Faery maiden Elfin bride Flowers in her hair Dancing feet that know the forest ways She is the forest ways Whispering secrets in her shadow Crescent-horned by the white moon A crown atop waterfall mist Soul’s Desire Beloved I’m just a youth A hapless young man Perhaps a changeling boy Or a human prince A knight’s squire who failed to kill the Other My heart enchanted, stolen away My soul required of meContinue reading “Love Song to the Other”
  • The Witch of Ice (For Maria)
    CW abuse, and spoilers for the Japanese series Umineko no Naku Koro ni (“When the Seagulls Cry”). The Witch of Ice (For Maria) Maria told me there’s a bad Witch hiding Inside her Mama, when she makes her strange and cruel Like Maria, in fantastic friends confiding I have a devil Witch who guards me like a jewel There’s an island where the gulls are crying There’s an island full of love and grief Can you answer when she calls?Continue reading “The Witch of Ice (For Maria)”

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